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  • Published January 29, 2011
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FSBO – Marketing Tips You Need To Know

As a Home Stager, I have clients who need to sell on their own (FSBO) for one reason or another, and they struggle with marketing an FSBO.

Since I have a experience and training in online marketing, I try to give as much help as possible to my clients. This article shares some important tips about how to market an FSBO online using important emotionally hot words.

In other articles and in my book “FSBO – Tips You Need To Know Before You Go Solo”, I share specific sites, and online tools that greatly help get the word out about your home.

In 2009, the National Association of Realtor’s conducted a survey of almost 200,000 home sellers. In that survey they pinpointed 4 major areas that For Sale By Owner Homeowners struggle with. One of the big ones is in marketing the home.

Those 4 areas are addressed in great detail in my new book “FSBO – Tips You Need to Know Before You Go Solo” plus MUCH more!

One of the stumbling blocks the NAR pinpointed is that FSBO Seller’s don’t know how to market their home effectively – not just where to go, where to place ads, but also how to write them effectively.

Today’s tips are about “How to Word Your Ads for an Emotional Response”.

Why is this important?

80% of a decision to buy is based on emotion – the other 20% is the reason that backs those emotions up. If you can tap into a buyer’s emotions, you can create an attachment in the buyer to your home.

You have to start this with your pictures and words since about 90% of all buyers start their search online.

This is why you want to know the demographic of buyers in your area, and then use their emotional hot buttons.

For example, if you know your buyer demographic is young families then you need to know what’s important to them. Things like a quiet neighborhood, with a great park, and safety are just the beginning.

When you write using emotional hot buttons, it makes people want to respond more readily to your ad.

Here is some examples of what not to write and how to rewrite it for more emotion:

Example Description - Don’t do this!:

"Nice neighborhood, across the street from the park, on quiet cul-de-sac for riding bikes, easy access to stores."

Example Description - Do this Instead:

"Don’t miss out on the security of living in this quiet, safe neighborhood. Your kids will love the playgrounds in the park less than a block away! Stroll in the evenings for a family walk. Friendly neighbors help watch out for each other. Also, no long drives to the store – everything you need is conveniently close by. You can’t get a better location. Discover all this wonderful neighborhood has to offer today!"

The words “Don’t Miss Out” grab attention. “Discover all this wonderful neighborhood has to offer today” is an action statement that makes the reader curious – like they might be missing out on something.

With your words and your pictures, you are showing them what their lifestyle will be so it’s important to paint that picture effectively.

There are many lists online of “the most powerful words” that you can use. Using these words as much as possible can help stir a response in your potential buyers.

You can save yourself thousands of dollars if you learn to sell your home on your own but you have to get educated in order to do it faster and for more money and effectively!

There is lots of great help out there, and you can always call for a free mini consultation at 888-848-8533. Happy Selling!

Arla Markael is a certified Professional Home Stager and author. With her experience in Home Staging, and as a Real Estate Investor, and in online marketing, she has helped many clients achieve their home selling dreams.

Her latest ebook, entitled "FSBO - Tips To Know Before You Go Solo" shares many of her secrets in getting homes sold quickly and more profitably.

Her must have book is available at www.SellMyFSBONow.com

You can also contact her at www.pnwstaginganddesign.com

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