How to Increase Your Chances of Being a Winning Entrant in the USA Visa Lottery


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  • Published April 5, 2012
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When you apply for the USA Visa Lottery the competition is quite high due to the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to achieve the same goal as well. The odds of being a winning entrant in the lottery are pretty steep however, there are things you can do to increase your chances of being chosen for permanent residence in the United States. Here are a few tips:

Understand the USA Visa Lottery Application

If you are from a country that has a low immigration rate to the US then you will be eligible to apply for the USA Visa Lottery. Since thousands of other people are applying and the United States only allows a specific number of immigrants you should find a source that is knowledgeable on immigration to the US. This could be a professional that specializes in immigration or another knowledgeable resource.

Whatever route you take, make sure the resource is credible and will provide you with the guidance you need in understand the USA Visa Lottery application process. If you are seeking employment in the US you may also want to find a source that is knowledgeable about how to obtain a USA work permit. If you are chosen as a winning entrant in the USA Visa Lottery you will be required to prove that you can support yourself financially. A work permit will be required of you if you are seeking employment within the US.

Preparing the Application

Applications for the USA Visa Lottery are obtained and submitted over the Internet. Although the applications are readily available it is important to educate yourself on how to fill it out correctly and supply the required documentation that accompanies your application. If you are not confident in the process enlist the help of someone who is. If the application process is not executed correctly this may mean a waiting period of another year before you can apply again.

USA Visa Lottery Requirements

Although you may be from a country that has low immigration numbers to the US, it is important to be aware of some of the laws pertaining to the requirements for lottery applications. Since the US immigration laws require you to be financially solvent and capable of supporting yourself this requirement points to the fact that you will likely be applying for a USA work permit. Therefore you must have graduated from high school or have an equivalent diploma or have at least two years of work experience in your occupation. You must also have two years of training to your credit for your occupation.

You should also have a professional photo of yourself taken in advance of applying for the USA Visa Lottery. The application requires you to upload a photo when you submit your documents over the Internet. A professional photo that meets the size requirements will place a finishing touch on your application and demonstrate that you took the time to follow all directions carefully.

Costs of Entering the USA Visa Lottery

As an entrant in the USA Visa Lottery you are responsible for all fees associated with the application process and any fees incurred after you are chosen as a winning entrant. Typically there is a one-time fee for the initial application of EUR 49.00. If two spouses are applying separately to increase the chances of winning the fee is EUR 74.00.

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Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook · 1 year ago
If you want to get a green card through family, you will have to have a family member who is either already a US Citizen or US permanent resident.