The 2012 (DV-2014) Green Card Lottery is now open and you should apply now !


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  • Published April 17, 2012
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Great news for the people who want to take part in this year green card lottery program. The DV Lottery -2014 is open now and you can easily participate in this program through US green card office.

The lottery is basically called as DV Lottery or diversity lottery visa program and it is conducted by the US government. Every year more then 50,000 people get US green card from all over the entire world. This lottery system is only for those people who are having less ratio of immigrants living resides in the United States.

Indeed, If you are looking or dreaming about to get permanent citizenship in United States and don't let this great opportunity pass by you. Apply Green Card today and ensure that you and your family don't miss out the chance to win a Green Card and turn your American dream into reality. You are might be thinking that how to participate in green card process ?

To take part in this Diversity Lottery program is quite simple for any individual all the process is online and you can apply through US official website but the main thing is that you should have to know about the criteria or basic requirements to participate, first requirement is that you must be a native of a qualifying country and the other one you match your basic educational requirements. If you are individual and win green card you are not only obtain a green card but you can also allow your family too.

The Diversity program is US congress approved program which gives you the opportunity to obtain an American green card through an randomly generated visa lottery conducted by State Government in United States. If you are going to participate then choose the official website because now a days lot of websites running scams with the base of green card lottery. If you find such kind of Internet fraud then visit which is hosted by (FTC) federal trade commission and this site is only for a consumer protection for 17 countries.

Every year number of people tried to enter green card lottery without any assistance and they lost their chance to win just because of result of mistakes they made. So don't made mistakes and submit your application to which make you sure that you will not be disqualified due to errors or omissions.

Indeed, I must say that this lottery is open and you have a great chance to win American green card and turn your American dreams into reality.

Apply Green card today ! Read more about DV Lottery and Diversity Lottery Program!

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