Hamburgers and Chocolate Ice Cream

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  • Published March 26, 2020
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Hamburgers and Chocolate Ice Cream

New Versions of Two Old Favorites

By Randy Daniel

We have all heard the old expression "everything old is new again." However, when it comes to the foods we eat, the old versions are often better than the new ones. So, here is a "new approach" for consuming two old favorites of the American diet: hamburgers and chocolate ice cream.

How to Fix a Good Hamburger

First, if you want a good hamburger, start with good beef. This means grinding your own hamburger. Of course, you will need a meat grinder, an item that was found in many kitchens through the first half of the twentieth century.

We have all seen them, the old hand-cranked grinder that was attached to a small table in the kitchen. But, don't search the local flea markets or second-hand stores looking for this nostalgic kitchen implement. You can go "high-tech," and still enjoy a good hamburger.

Select two types of beef for your hamburger, sirloin steak and chuck steak. Do not freeze your choice cuts of beef, but do keep them cold. Cut them into 1-inch cubes and place them in a stainless steel bowl. Then, run them through the grinder, and into another clean bowl. Forget about the old-fashioned hand-cranked grinder. There are several modern electric models to choose from on the market today. Be sure to select one with the most powerful motor available.

Immediately after grinding the beef, make your burgers about a half-inch thick, and individually wrap them in freezer paper. Freeze them in Ziploc bags or plastic containers, and label them with the date and the cut of beef that was used. Your properly wrapped burgers will keep up to six months.

During the grinding process, remember to keep your grinder’s cutting mechanisms clean and cold. Deposit the freshly ground beef into a clean, cold container, preferably one made of stainless steel or glass. Be careful not to cross-contaminate the freshly ground hamburger with soiled utensils or unclean surfaces. Check out the web for guidelines on avoiding cross-contamination.

Your burgers will be thicker than usual, so cook them on medium heat, using olive or sunflower oil. Turn them frequently so they will cook slower and not burn. The result will be a Grade A hamburger your family will thoroughly enjoy.

How to Make Good Chocolate Ice Cream

For this delicacy, you need an ice cream maker. We have all seen these food processing implements, as well. The traditional models are a bit cantankerous due to their large size, but they make approximately four quarts of ice cream. As with today’s meat grinder, powerful countertop models of this handy item are available for making smaller amounts.

Most cookbooks have recipes for homemade ice cream and you can go to the Internet for some great-tasting ones. This desert is a year-round favorite with many variations containing fruit, nuts, or hard candy.

Good chocolate ice cream starts with mixing the ingredients such as real chocolate, heavy cream, sugar, whole milk and cocoa in a large saucepan. Heat the mixture just enough to dissolve the sugar, while stirring constantly. Place it in the ice cream maker that is packed with something called "rock salt" and ice. Then you either flip a switch, or turn the hand crank to power the churn.

Don't worry about the calories you will consume when you eat these two delicious foods. The result, a good hamburger followed by a delicious bowl of chocolate ice cream, is absolutely worth the effort. There are no hidden chemicals, so-called vitamins, "flavor enhancers," or preservatives, most of which are carcinogens, in either one. Foods made with all natural ingredients are better for you than today’s "enriched foods." And, they are delicious!

After enjoying these "new versions" of two old favorites, you may never go back to picking up a pound of "store-bought" hamburger or a half-gallon of ice cream ever again. These two foods could lead to a completely new grocery shopping experience; purchasing fresh foods and preparing them at home.

Who knows, a good homemade hamburger and a bowl of homemade chocolate ice cream could be the start of something good!

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