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  • Published February 11, 2021
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Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon has played a crucial role in the growth of e-commerce. As of 2020, he was the wealthiest person on earth, with his fortune eclipsing the wealth amassed by Microsoft Corp. Also, Bezos made the top spot of Forbes magazine’s 2020 list.

Now, what’s Jeff's investment secret? Well, as digitalization reshapes human, Amazon is the leader in online retail. Bezos became a millionaire in 1997 after he raised $54 million through Amazon’s initial public offering. Besides, he founded Amazon as an online bookstore but always plan for expansion.

He left his job in 1993 at D.E Shaw to start Amazon from his garage. Thereafter, he received an estimated amount of $300,000 from investing in Amazon from his parents. To expand his business, he shifted to offer music, videos, and other consumer goods in 1998, while in 2002, he led the company to launch Amazon web.

The company nearly went bankrupt in 2002, but it rebounded in 2003 after distribution center closures and workforce layoffs. They launched Kindle in 2007 and disclosed AmazonFresh that allows Prime members to order groceries online and get their goods delivered as soon as the same day.

The success story behind Jeff Bezos's achievements cannot be overemphasized. This is because there is countless investing secret he employed to achieve his goals. Through an interview, Bezos revealed the timeless lessons he’s learned in achieving business success.

The ideas include the following;

• Thinking from a different perspective and being unique

• Putting the customer first in any situation

• Inventing new things to boost sale

Furthermore, the secret to making Bezos become a billionaire is that; he also runs other ventures, including a private space endeavor known as Blue Origin. As there’s a lot to learn from this business philanthropist, we will walk you through the best investing secrets of Jeff Bezos.

Entrepreneurship and Investing secrets of Jeff Bezos

Innovation can be a crucial factor in the success of economics at both macro and micro scales. While investment provides powerful fuel for creation, it may require a daunting process.

On the flip side, Bezos achieve his life goals, and here are some of his entrepreneurship and investing secrets.

• Bezos went public to forfeit control, answer stakeholders, and submit to strict regulation standard

• He revolutionized customer’s loyalty concept with the debut of Amazon Prime

• Bezos built a survivor by overcoming the onslaught of the 2000 dotcom bust 2008 recession

• He positioned himself perfectly o gain from the world’s conversion to digitalization

• From the tech industry, Bezos took the plunge by building one of the most successful hedge funds.

Bottom Line

There are many success stories and investing secrets in learning from Jeff Bezos. One thing we can not leave behind is the business code. He developed a business standard and strived to improve, innovate, and adapt to every shifting circumstances of modern-day technology. Nonetheless, Amazon is always working on adding new products and gives the best services.

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