How Steve Jobs made Apple a huge Business Success


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  • Published March 3, 2021
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Just like Bill Gates, the American business magnate, understanding why people became so successful requires looking back at their origins and history. From the first Apple computer to the latest iWatch, it’s essential to talk about Steve job's achievements and why Apple became a successful brand till today.

Initially, the company started out in the business of kit computers with the Apple I. It got enough capital to build the Apple II in 1977 – the same year Apple was officially incorporated. Meanwhile, the Apple II production drove the company’s revenue until the mid-1980s with the same structure.

However, the 1984 release of the Macintosh created a leap forward for Apple. Similarly, in the intervening years between Apple II and the Macintosh, IBM was caught up. So, during the times of Sculley, Apple started growing. The company created new products, including PowerBooks and others.

Now, Jobs became the second chance CEO. From Macintosh onward, Apple has either been a reflection of Steve Jobs or a reaction to it. Moreover, Jobs created a unique and user experience technology that would convince everyone to use Apple products. Sounds interesting?

Yes! This development contributed to Apple’s achievement. In fact, he launched the iMac with a strong marketing campaign that featured the slogan; Think Different. On the flip side, Jobs is often appraised for spending money and time on marketing. That’s why Apple products is built on tight software/OS.

Additionally, in the absence of a groundbreaking new product, the company still produces some of the best products with the most integrated ecosystem. In this case, Apple bridges the gap between its competitors like Google, Samsung, and many others. So, what impact did Steve Jobs have on Apple?

Steve Jobs Impact on Apple’s Products

If anything, Steve Jobs would be remembered for his lasting contribution to Apple’s growth. In this broad sweep, notable people and brands have spell out what effect Jobs had on mobile advertising, marketing, and commerce. Before him, mobile phones were not as good, unlike now, that voice calls are the peripheral feature. Below are the impact Steve Jobs has on Mobile marketing and advertising.

• Setting up ‘Think Different’ project to promote Apple and its products

• He put Apple at the forefront of the personal computing revolution

• Apple services were known as the firm’s most important drivers of revenue

• With Steve Jobs, the company drive brand loyalty

• Steve Jobs allows Apple to become a symbol of wealth to big city dwellers

• Jobs hired the right engineers and trusted them to person

• Steve delivered his demand for excellence in an inspiring way

• He empowered his talented employees to do what they do best

Bottom Line

The Apple brand has a powerful and lofty stock valuation. Surprisingly, there’s a reasonably good chance that you’re reading this article with your Apple device. The reason behind that is because Apple products are beautiful to look at, and also you derive pleasure using them. The marketing help, that’s why Steve Jobs made a huge business success, unlike other brands.

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