How Bill Gates made Microsoft a huge Business Success


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  • Published March 3, 2021
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In 1974, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and became a co-founder of Microsoft – a computer software company in 1975, which later made him be among the wealthiest man in the world. In the beginning, Bill Gates took an interest in programming the General Electric system in BASIC but later pursued his interest.

Furthermore, he built his first computer program on a General Electric machine, contributing to his success today. Besides, Gates read an article in 1975 that demonstrated the Altair 8800. He developed an interest, and this made him displayed the process on a minicomputer and the BASIC interpreter.

However, IBM approached Microsoft to write a BASIC interpreter for the new IBM PC. He proposed using 86-DOS owned by SCP, an operating system similar to the PC. After adapting the operating system for the PC, Microsoft delivered it to IBM for a one-time exchange fee of $50,000. Guess what! He became famous.

Not quite long after he made the exchange, the press quickly identified Microsoft as influential on the new computer. At first, the computer was called by an expert in the field as ‘Gates computer.’ From that, the company restructured on the 25th of June 1981, and Gates became CEO.

Additionally, Bill Gates created competition and innovation among organizations, many of which had unique needs and market opportunities. Similarly, the Microsoft business model chooses to accommodate the needs of multiple and competing customers that later led to the company’s growth.

What Contributed To Microsoft Success?

Many things contributed to Microsoft's success, but we will walk you through the basic facts and ideas. They have certainly had their failures, but in all ramifications, they have always demonstrated an ability to recover. Below are the few things that contributed to Microsoft's success.

• An excellent interactive process between employees and the CEO

• The basis for employees salaries, bonus, incentives, and possible promotions

• Accommodating the needs of multiple, competing, OEMs, and customers

• Smartness and financial resources that allow them to endure failures

• Great success with their flagship operating system (Windows), Microsoft office, and others

• Investing in data management, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing

• Persistence, perseverance, and risk-taking experience

• Meeting key objectives that promote effective teamwork

• Keeping abreast of what is happening in the broader technological context

• Productivity is Microsoft’s key buzzword, and this also contributed to its success

What Made Microsoft So Successful?

One of the critical things that made Microsoft a successful business is because of the company’s standards. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975, and they have the resilience and ability to respond to changing technologies, business opportunities, and market demand. Moreover, they revolutionized how we live.

Bottom Line

There are lots of lessons from Bill Gates's success story. His incredible vision has marked his career. Nonetheless, Microsoft beat out the competition mainly as the company focus on innovation. Today, Microsoft has shifted away from consumer tech to becoming advertising-based online services.

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