Why is LED Photo Rejuvenation so popular these days?

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  • Author Joniann Howell
  • Published March 20, 2008
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LED photo rejuvenation is quickly becoming as widespread these days as baby boomers are prevalent. From your small estheticians offices, to day spas, to the latest and greatest med-spas, LED photo-rejuvenation is gaining public awareness as fast as new reality shows are being TiVo-ed in every home across America.

What is LED photorejuvenation? It’s the interaction of light delivered through light emitting diodes that activate the cell receptors causing them to produce collagen and elastin. It’s non-invasive; it’s safe and one of the best natural skin rejuvenation therapies available. It helps to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne and makes the universal "50 going on 30 something malady" a veritable reality for those who partake.

With so many procedures out there why would anyone choose photo rejuvenation? Why not laser? Especially when there are so many laser treatments out there. Everywhere you turn you see laser face this and laser face that, from laser facials, to laser resurfacing, to laser skin treatment, to laser photo facials, to laser, laser, laser, LASER! What is the difference and which one works?

As a matter of fact around the mid-90’s when laser treatments first came out, I myself jumped on the bandwagon. Having been blessed by a genetic line of long-legged, tall, slender bodies, I unfortunately was not blessed when it came to vein free, pigment free or even blemish free skin, but that’s another subject for another time and definitely a subject for LED photo rejuvenation.

Back to laser skin treatment here. I remember when I was quite young and of a somewhat smaller stature, peering at my Grandmother’s legs and wondering what all those little red lines were. It was like someone had taken a thin red crayon and made random little scribbles all over her legs. Never in my adolescent dreams did I imagine my perfectly bronzed, strong, youthful legs would ever look like that, much less in my early 30’s, not to mention all the sunspots on my once perfect hands that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. So, after a bit of research I learned that laser therapy uses light beams, which are pulsed onto the veins to seal them off, causing them to dissolve and make the little red veins disappear. By the way, LED photo rejuvenation, known only to the avant-garde of scientists at that point, had not yet been borne nor even conceived by the general public. So laser skin treatment… why not. Painless, safe, so they say, and right down the street from my office was the latest and greatest laser treatment clinic. Off I went one sunny afternoon, willing, hopeful and feeling somewhat extraordinary for indulging in this purported fashionable laser treatment. Baring my red scribbled legs and sun-spotted hands… laser treatment here I come!

There is something to be said about being first on the esthetic camouflage march. Unfortunately laser skin treatment at that time was not quite as tried as it may be nowadays, although every dermatologist I talk to nowadays says laser treatment is NOT the way to go for spider veins or sunspots. I still have the mementos today and if you were here I could show you. Little tiny scars on the backs of my hands where the sunspots still are! And the spider veins, well to tell you the truth, not a one disappeared. So LED photo rejuvenation here I come!

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