What do the best anti aging skin care products contain so you can make a right decision?

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  • Published August 6, 2008
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Every company claims to have the best anti aging skin care products available. Marketers use words like best, great, new, improved and amazing, because they have studied consumer reactions. They know that you are more likely to buy something if you see one of those adjectives. But, many of us are smart enough to know that advertising and marketing claims are often exaggerated.

Today’s informed shopper looks for supporting evidence and asks questions before she buys. There are many things to consider when it comes to the search for the best anti aging skin care.

First, you have to realize what causes your face, hands and other areas to look older. You know that it is not really how "old" you are, because areas of your body that are normally covered have a more youthful appearance.

You probably know that the sun is responsible for much of the damage that you see. But, so is the very air that you breathe. It’s called oxidative stress and it triggers the production of free radicals, which cause cell damage. The best anti aging skin care products contain nutrients known as antioxidants, because they destroy free radicals, preventing additional damage.

Wrinkles and sagging are caused by the loss of collagen and elastin. Replacing the two does not work, although most companies say otherwise. What you really have to do is support and "encourage" your body to produce more. You also need to block enzymatic reactions that sap important proteins from skin-cells.

Since it is impossible to completely avoid exposure to the sun, you must protect your face in some other way. Sunscreens only block UV-B rays, but UV-A rays destroy the skin’s natural COQ10 content. Many companies now include COQ10 in their lotions, but the form that they use is not readily absorbed.

The best anti aging skin care products contain nano-lipobelle H-EQ 10, which is 5% COQ10 and 10% vitamin E in a nano-emulsion form that can penetrate down through several layers. It’s relatively new to the market.

The best anti aging skin care creams will also contain vitamins and minerals. The best source for this purpose is Phytessence Wakame, a type of Japanese sea algae. Because the concentrations of sodium, iron, potassium, calcium and the vitamins B1,2,3,6 and 12 are so high and also because the algae inhibits the enzymatic activity that destroys proteins.

Wakame has also been shown to contain sulfated polyfucose. Research has shown that this compound blocks UV rays and pollutants.

Another ingredient, functional keratin, stimulates the production of new skin cells and promotes firmness and elasticity. Keratin is a common ingredient, but you want to look for "functional keratin" or Cynergy TK, because the production process allows for ease of absorption.

If you can find a cream that takes all of the factors mentioned here into consideration, includes pure high quality ingredients and is reasonably priced, then you have found the best anti aging skin care system available, today.

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