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If You Don't Know How To Give A Woman At Least 3 Orgasms In

bed, She WILL

dump You For Another Guy!

Most Men Would Commit Cold-Blooded Murder To Know

how can you become a better lover and Improves Your Sex Life, Your Self Esteem, And Your Over-All Happiness...And It Doesn't Matter How Big Your Penis Is Or How Fast You Ejaculate! If you're a man who has ever had a bad sexual experience, had a woman leave him for another man, and find yourself

stuck in a boring, sex-less relationship, then this may be the most important message you ever read! I'm about to reveal something to you that you're not going to believe. But know this: It's all TRUE...Here Are 4 UNDENIABLE And Disturbing Facts About Women:

FACT #1: 60 of women will LIE to their lover about experiencing orgasms during lovemaking to spare their lover's feelings. However, these same women are more prone to have affairs outside their relationship to be sexually satisfied and break their lover's heart in the process.

FACT #3: 70 of relationships end because the woman is sexually unsatisfied with her partner and is looking for a man who can fulfill her needs in the bedroom. What's more, most men will never know this, and continue to suffer one break-up after another because they don't bother to improve their sexual prowess.

Let's face the facts: SEX IS IMPORTANT!

It's important to men, but even more so, it's important to women too!

Wondering How Can You Be a Better Lover is the first step. Because there is a big myth in this world that women don't enjoy sex as much as men do. That is a FLAT OUT LIE! In most cases, women enjoy sex even MORE than men do! But that myth exists because: 75 of worldwide cases of HIV and AIDS are caused by the simple act of a straight man having sex with a straight woman. That's why, if you are in a monogamous relationship or if you are married, it is more important than ever NOT to go outside your relationship for sex! Can you guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners or commit adultery? It's very simple...

It's Because They Are Bored With The Sex Life They Have At Home! Let's face reality here: If you can't give a woman what she wants, she will go someplace (and to someone) else to get it. And while she's sneaking around behind your back trying desperately to get a simple little orgasm, she will be EXPOSING YOU to the possibility of contracting an STD.

Learning How To Give A Woman Orgasms Is The Most Important Skill Every Man NEEDS To Know!

Do you remember taking Sex Education in High School? You know, when they showed you those cheesy videos about the birds and the bees? Do you even remember what those videos were about? Let me refresh your memory: Teenage pregnancy. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Ruining your life by having sex. Common questions and insecurities about sex. Most of these teachings are meant to SCARE YOU into not having sex!!! In fact, most of society tries to hide any knowledge about sex from you!

Sex has become the biggest Taboo in the world. Think about it... how often are men chastised for wanting to have sex with a woman? For thinking about sex? For displaying their own God-given sexuality? Answer: ALL THE TIME! Just watch any TV show with a guy who's out looking to pick up a woman. He's instantly labeled as a "sleaze bag" because he just wants to have sex. But it's not just a problem with men. Women have it too. From a young age, women are taught that it's WRONG to have sex! If they have sex, they're labeled a slut and ostracized. They're told they're going to get pregnant if they have sex and their lives will be ruined. They're told virginity is something to be cherished and held onto at all cost. Most women are even afraid to look at their genitals because they're told they are "dirty." And because of this training, most people grow up not knowing how to experience the joys of sex! In fact, finding a partner who's actually GOOD at sex is so rare, that most women will cling to him like the only life preserver left in the ocean!

Here's Why It's Important To Know

How Can You Be a Better Lover...Look, women are STARVED for good lovers. Just because a woman agrees to be your girlfriend or your wife DOES NOT MEAN you satisfy her in the bedroom. Women enter into relationships for many reasons. Things like security or emotional connection can play a big role in these decisions. But the biggest factor in a successful relationship is the elephant in the room that everyone's trying to ignore: SEX! Here is what being a skilled lover will do for you...

  • It will ensure your woman will never cheat on you.

  • It will strengthen your relationship and make sure she won't leave or break up with you.

  • It will make your woman want to have sex more often.

  • It will make her want to try harder to please YOU in the bedroom.

  • It will open your woman up to trying new adventures and fantasies in bed.

  • She will brag to all her friends about you, and you will become known as a great lover.

  • All this and more is possible, if you only know how to please a woman in bed.

Now are you starting to see why this stuff is so important?

Giving A Woman (Multiple) Orgasms Isn't Hard. In Fact, It's Quite Easy...What those sex ed videos from High School should have been teaching you is how to please a woman instead of how to ignore her (and your own) sexuality. So many men have no idea how a woman's body works, or what it responds to. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say that 95% of men are completely CLUELESS when it comes to female anatomy. They just know that "the penis goes in the vagina" and that's that. Uh-uh. There's a lot more too it than that. But so many guys look at a woman's body like blueprints for a thermo-electric nuclear fusion generator... WAY too complicated! But the secret that almost no man knows is: It's actually very easy to give a woman an orgasm! You just need to know WHAT to do! And once you know how to give a woman ONE orgasm, you can give her MULTIPLE orgasms with no problem at all.

About the author: Jay Corbett is the author of the hot selling "Sex God secrets" a guide for men on sexual mastery, female psychology, sexual technique and supercharged sex. And "The Female Ejaculation Program" A guide to G-Spot stimulation and female ejaculation for women and the men who love them!" You can reach Jay at

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