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  • Published March 22, 2007
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Oftentimes when we're thinking about home improvement or interior decorating, we neglect to think about how important our ceilings are and how they can contribute to creating a new atmosphere! Reasons could be many, however the most apparent reason is that we barely have a good reason look 'up' in our homes (unless we suspect a leaking roof or have to fix a lighting fixture of some kind.) For the very same reason, ceilings often lack the proper attention they should get and certainly deserve. When we finally do pay attention to them, they give us an opportunity to do a little re-thinking about their condition, appearance, and stability.

A Ceiling Is A Just A Ceiling... Or Is It?

At the very least, a ceiling's sole purpose is to separate us from the internal structure of a home's roof. Inside of that internal structure, you might find things like insulation or sound absorption materials, but a ceiling is essentially a ceiling even if you hear it referred to by any other name. In no form or fashion does that little fact mean that a ceiling has to be boring or that it can't contribute to the existing decor of a building.

Ceilings Have Always Been A Part of the Plan

In the past, intricate ceiling designs were always part of the blueprint. Historically, architects and designers saw ceilings as an opportunity for artistic expression and seized it by decorating the ceilings of churches and other publicly accessed buildings with paintings, relief sculptures, windows, and other similar themes. Known worldwide as the most popular ceiling in history is the one hovering over the Sistine Chapel. Michaelangelo beautifully painted this ceiling however you don't need a Renaissance painter to make yours just as attractive.

Modern Tools of the Trade

Today, we use things like light fixtures, decorative ceiling tile, wood, or even textured plaster to enhance ceilings. Light fixtures may extend from a ceiling (as with studio lights) or actually sit inside of it for a pleasing dimming effect. A tile or wood ceiling offers variation to a room while textured plaster enhances a room's 'feel,' - literally. The idea of course, is to make the ceiling an integral part of a home's internal design, and a few people have used lighting, tile, wood or plaster to make and create some really creative choices. Serving a more aesthetic than functional purpose, decorative ceilings increase a home's value both financially and artistically.

If The Walls Could Talk - Ceilings Should Too!

A house with decorative ceiling sends the message that all aspects of home living are important and that nothing is to be ignored. And yes, they invite interesting conversation just by existing and making us look 'up' indeed - even when they don't leak or their light fixtures don't need a new bulb. If you're thinking about enhancing the current quality and look of your ceiling, ask your contractor about available options and don't be intimidated by some of the newer applications.

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