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  • Published October 31, 2009
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Love decorating and improving you’re flooring to make it more beautiful and elegant but hate spending too much money in installation, care, and maintenance? To spend less in flooring is what most homeowners prioritize. So they really make sure that they are getting the best flooring deals that’s in range with their limited budget. Nowadays, there are too many flooring manufacturers that offer flooring materials. Thus it comes as no surprise that there’s a great competition in this business. Competition is an advantage for customers because this would mean lesser selling prices. As more companies are competing against each other, the lower the value of flooring gets.

Improving and upgrading your flooring needs time, effort and money. But by the use of an installation guide you can minimize flooring expenditures and product wastage. There are a lot of types of flooring that can be installed with ease. Bamboo flooring, laminated flooring, and even hardwood flooring can be easily applied to your homes and you will not have to pay extra for help. Our modern day technology has not only made home flooring more durable, elegant, easy to maintain, it has also made it simple to install.

If you want to transform you house with a little amount of money. Then bamboo flooring is right for you. This eco-friendly flooring comes from abundant and very renewable resources. Bamboo is a grass, the fastest growing and the tallest grass in the world. Though it is a grass, bamboo is more durable than regular hardwood. In fact, it’s much stronger than a red oak.

Now you can upgrade and improve you flooring at lesser costs. A flooring company known as iFloor is having a "labor day sale". So you can have all the most beautiful floorings in all parts of your home. Cork is very popular among flooring materials because of its many unique and unparalleled characteristics. Cork flooring is an eco-friendly flooring material, that’s very effective as a sound reducer and very comfort to walk on. For those who are speculative about its eco friendliness, harvesting cork flooring components does not require the cutting down of tress. Cork flooring components come from the bark of an oak tree. It is normally harvested when the tree reaches 10 years and it is continuously taken cared of so that it can regenerate its bark and be useful for a 100 years more.

Today bamboo flooring and cork flooring is becoming increasingly popular across the world. As such, you can rest assured that they are publicly trusted flooring materials. But before you start on transforming your flooring, you must always consider the advantages and disadvantages of the flooring you are considering. Though some flooring has superior characteristics than others, they also have their own weakness.

Laminated flooring is the cheapest flooring around. It is one of the most used flooring today because it can withstand high foot traffic. Laminated flooring is very durable and is perfect for places that are frequently used and passed through. A great feature of laminate flooring is that it’s made to look like wood flooring. However, people must not mistake their congruence in appearance to apply in all aspects of their function. After all, laminate flooring just appears like a wood and is not made from wood itself. Most manufacturers made this kind of flooring from three to four layers of synthetic materials like plastic. These layers differ depending on the manufacturer who is making it. These three layers being discussed are laminate flooring’s surface, core, and backing.

Now, one flooring type that’s been use for ages, until today, is hardwood flooring. But contemporary hardwood flooring is a far cry from the ordinary wood flooring of our ancestral homes. Because of technology, hardwood flooring has presently become more resilient and easier to maintain. And in addition, it now features a wide variety of subtypes. Usually, they’re made from different kinds of trees, namely ash, and birch. Not to mention, other exotic trees that give them a whole new personality. Thus, it is clear to see that hardwood flooring gives you unlimited freedom in expressing your style. In line with this, the parquet design, otherwise known as mosaic flooring, makes a great addition for your living room or bed room. It presents a mixture of geometrical shapes that beautifully come together to sprinkle some glamour into your home.


At iFLOOR, we understand the importance of trees to world health and world economy. The use of sustainable and renewable resources – trees included – rests at the heart and soul of our business. www.ifloor.com

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