The 3 Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers Make

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  • Published March 1, 2010
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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers Make

By James Peter

After spending years watching various people try to start a profitable online business, and then fail miserably, I have been able to narrow down their biggest blunders to just 3 major mistakes. Now, let me be clear, I'm not talking about things like not taking action, lack of motivation, or people with a something for nothing mentality. We all know that these people are destined to fail by the nature of their character. I'm talking about the common mistakes that hard working, serious, motivated entrepreneurs have made while trying to earn extra money with their online businesses. And, their failure may have nothing to do with the fact that they have or have not ever taken an internet marketing course in order to learn proper internet marketing strategy. Mistake #1 The first major mistake that many people make has to do with the particular niche that they choose to market to. Very simply put, do not choose a niche market that is so small and narrow that you will run out of customers after six months in business. This is true whether you are going to market other people's affiliate programs or develop your own product. You wouldn't believe how many people do this. Yes, you should choose a niche that you are passionate about but it should be broad enough that you will be able to tap into a constant supply of customers. There were 2 major factors that prompted me to choose the Internet Marketing niche. The first one is the fact that I love this industry. I love everything about it. The way it works, the freedom it gives me, both financially and time wise. The second factor that prompted me to choose Internet Marketing is the fact that that there is now, and will forever be, a huge amount of people interested in Internet marketing products and what I have to offer. The market is huge and is only going to get bigger. You may love the iguanas and maybe you've even taught yours to roll over and fetch, but that doesn't mean that trying to write and sell an ebook about iguana pet tricks is a good idea. Mistake #2 The second major mistake that most people make is in reference to their keyword selection. Proper keyword selection is absolutely critical to your success as an online marketer. If you mess up on this one it will most certainly cost you extra money and time. You don't want to blow this step. You must choose appropriate keywords to embed in your web pages so that your sites are properly optimized and will show up in the search engine's search results. I always choose keywords that have the following qualities: they are extremely relevant to the product that I am marketing and they have a high search volume. I usually only use keywords that many, many people are searching for each and every month. Some of the keywords that I embed in the text on my sites are searched for over 200,000 times per month. That's a lot of searches! Some people will tell you that there is too much competition for these keywords. I don't care about that because I'm not a big pay-per-click type of guy. I hate to pay for traffic when I can get it for free, so I don't! So, make sure you choose keywords that are relevant to what you have to offer and have a high search volume. I'll teach you how to find those keywords in an upcoming article. Mistake #3 This mistake is really rough on the bank account. Year after year, I see people blow through their marketing budget before they even make one red cent. Someone gives them the bright idea that they need to spend a lot of money to get traffic to their websites. They go out and try a little of this, a little of that, until they are either broke or deep in debt. Don't do it. It's foolish. It's unnecessary. I rarely spend any money on traffic generation. I prefer to use the free methods that are proven to work, time and time again. What free methods of traffic generation do I suggest you use? 1) Frequently post comments with a link to your website on forums and blogs that are related to your market. Make sure that the comments you make are valid and valuable to other members. 2) Learn how to make short videos about you and your product and then post them to the major video submission sites. It is much easier than it sounds. 3) Register with the major Social Networking sites and get your own page up. Let people know who you are and what you have to offer. 4) Start your own blog with your comments and videos. People love to read other peoples blogs and see what they are up to. Well, there you have it. The 3 biggest mistakes that Internet Marketers make. If you are a complete beginner and this all seems to be a little overwhelming, don't worry. Every successful Internet Marketer started at the beginning. When I first started my online business career I found a set of free training videos that were extremely helpful. These training videos were extremely easy to understand and saved me hours of work and frustration. If you would like your own set of Free Internet Marketing Training Tutorials then please visit my website.

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James Peter, The Internet Wealth Professor, has 23 years of marketing experience. He currently dedicates the majority of his time providing training to individuals who want to be successful in internet marketing. Get Your 3 Free Internet Marketing Training Videos at Free Internet Marketing Success Training Videos

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James Peter has 23 years of marketing experience. He dedicates his time providing training to individuals who want to be successful in internet marketing. Get Your 3 Free Internet Marketing Training Videos at Free Internet Marketing Success Training Videos

This article is copyrighted, all rights reserved, and it may be used only if kept entirely intact with author's name and URL.

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