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Create Business or Personal Disk Replication with Active@ ISO Manager 23
By Jonathan Brenner · 4 months ago
It is incredible how much the digital age has transformed how we store everything from family photos to vast amounts of customer information. Old stacks of CDs and DVDs may feel like an artifact of ...
Create and burn ISO images with Active@ ISO Manager
By Jonathan Brenner · 4 years ago
While physical media like CDs and DVDs aren't as popular as they used to be, there are plenty of situations where you still need to use them. Even if you're trying to phase them out, ...
Create and Edit ISO Images with Active@ ISO Manager
By Jonathan Brenner · 6 years ago
The ISO format remains the industry standard for virtual optical disc images. Nonetheless, Windows does not natively support the creation of ISO files. Instead, it only allows you to open and mount them in a ...