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How Leaders Demonstrate their Support of Diversity and Inclusion to Accelerate Business Results
By Lenora Billings-Harris · 5 years ago
Although diversity and inclusion strategies and tactics have been in place with some organizations for a long time, the question I am most frequently asked by diversity practitioners is, " How can I help our ...
Can We Value Differences When We Can't Be Civil?
By Lenora Billings-Harris · 5 years ago
I wrote the original version of this article in 2006. Unfortunately, it seems our society has become even more uncivil rather than more civil. Join me in being part of the change. Have you ever ...
To Be or Not to Be PC: Creating Inclusive Language in Today's World of Diversity
By Lenora Billings-Harris · 7 years ago
Are you tired of political correctness and wonder why it is suggested that language should become more sensitive? As our society and workplaces continue to expand their diversity, more and more people want to be ...