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The Moral Necessity of Veganism
By Rob Marenghi · 3 years ago
Please join me in imagining a planet where the following happens – billions of cats and dogs are raised in unpleasant conditions, killed and then eaten by humans. Now, imagine that these dogs and cats ...
Did Bob Dylan really introduce The Beatles to weed?
By Rob Marenghi · 3 years ago
The Beatles would probably be considered by most people as a serious contender for the greatest band of all time. With a long list of songs that became instant hits the moment they were released, ...
How did Nick Drake really die?
By Rob Marenghi · 3 years ago
Nick Drake was an English singer/song writer whose talent passed almost unnoticed during his lifetime. Born in 1948 in Rangoon, Burma, Nick Drake grew up in England and began playing the guitar at the age ...