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When Software Can’t Help: SSD, Cloud and Online Services
By Hetman Software · 8 years ago
In the first part of the article, we took a look at programs for recovering data from traditional hard drives. In this second part of the series "When Software Can’t Help" we’ll talk about flash-based ...
Hybrid Hard Drives (SSHD) and Data Recovery
By Hetman Software · 8 years ago
Hybrid hard drives, or SSHD (Solid-State Hybrid Drives) are still specialty items, but they are slowly gaining popularity. Combining sheer storage capacity of traditional magnetic hard drives with extremely high access speed solid-state drives are ...
I Reinstalled Windows! Can I Recover My Data?
By Hetman Software · 8 years ago
Working in data recovery business for years, we are used to seeing emails such as this one: "My computer went wonky, so I decided to reinstall Windows. To make sure all the glitches are gone, ...