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Summer escapes. Choose the right Jewellery that will remind you forever. Featured
By Konstantinos Mellios · 4 months ago
Finally summer is here! The temperature is rising and most of us have started our first summer getaways while the bravest people have already started the first sea bathing for this summer if they can. ...
Knitting – A relaxing hobby Featured
By Tasos Papadopoulos · 2 years ago
Recent researches have shown that people who have a relaxing hobby and pass their free time doing activities that are stress relieving show 40% less chances to have a heart decease in the near future. ...
Tips when taking a taxi in Thessaloniki
By Tasos Papadopoulos · 3 years ago
If you are going to visit Thessaloniki and you are thinking about your transportation options then sit back and enjoy the reading. We are going to give you some insider tips and advices that will ...