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Closely Guarded Secrets in the History of Italian Crystal
By Andy Mccarthy · 11 years ago
Since the middle ages, tourists have traveled to the Italian city of Venice in awe of its spectacular glassmaking industry. Then, glass was considered a novelty, tangible only to the most affluent consumers - now, ...
Culture of Engraving
By Andy Mccarthy · 11 years ago
There is one thing that is for sure in American culture. People love to be rewarded. People also love to get dressed up and take pictures. What better excuse to do this than to hold ...
A quick intro into promotional products
By Andy Mccarthy · 11 years ago
The promotional products industry started in the early 1900's. Merchants began to give calendars to their clients as gifts with printed logos of their companies. The intent was to promote or to remind their clients ...