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My President is a good son of a bad family
By Dele Oluwole · 9 years ago
"Democracy is an impossible thing until the power is shared by all, but let not democracy degenerate into mobocracy" - Gandhi As a Nigerian, before I share my pain with you let it be known ...
Enterprise Architecture’s Framework (1)
By Dele Oluwole · 9 years ago
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), the US Department of Defence (DoD) and various other business and technology authorities have some ideas in common; that ‘enterprise’ is about the structure of systems or ...
Agile Development and classifieds websites (1)
By Dele Oluwole · 9 years ago
Agile methods emphasize real time communication, preferably face-to-face, over written documents. Most agile teams are located in preparatory stage include all the people necessary to finish software. At a minimum, this includes programmers and their ...