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The 5 Special Ingredients That Make Your Paint Special
By Andy Potts · 3 years ago
When you open your tin of paint, it may be some emulsion to make your home walls that new shade of blue you saw in a magazine. It could be some metal paint in a ...
What is Paint and How Does it Work - A Deep Dive Into The Makings Of Paint
By Andy Potts · 3 years ago
Paint We've All Heard The Word's a word most of us have heard of and understand, right? Well, when you really consider the word do you understand what it does or why it's actually ...
Why is Wet Film and Dry Film Paint Measuring Crucial?
By Andy Potts · 3 years ago
The lowly wet film comb is a little used object in the paint world, but for 50p this simple device can save you thousands in wasted paint materials and hours of labour refurbishing projects - ...