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This is the World We Live in
By Talula A Asher · 2 months ago
We have all encountered some kind of discrimination, whether it be religious, gender, age, sexual orientation, and so forth. What most people do not realize, however, that racial discrimination is actually the most common and ...
The 20 Season Legend (Biography of Kobe Bryant)
By Talula A Asher · 2 months ago
Kobe Bryant was a basketball legend. Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers he inspired tons of young kids to chase their dreams no matter the obstacle. Bryant dominated the court. He used the Mamba Mentality ...
School Epidemic (The Guide to Bullying)
By Talula A Asher · 2 months ago
Every day there is a child somewhere being bullied and harassed at school. Most schools say they ensure your child's safety. Yet, they are only protecting them from people on the outside. What about the ...