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The Differences between French and British Pocket Watches
By Mark Nico · 2 years ago
Here is a strictly personal and mainly non-technical view of the differences between French and British pocket watches from say the mid-18th century to the earlier 20th. Do please note that this article contains some ...
How Much is an Antique Worth to an Antiques Dealer?
By Mark Nico · 2 years ago
One of the saddest sights are those newcomer antique dealers who entered the market with such massive enthusiasm, only to be forced to exit it again after 2-3 years. They usually do so with massive ...
A Quick Summary of Antique French Silver and its Hallmarks
By Mark Nico · 2 years ago
France, like many European countries, has for centuries had a centrally-controlled system for marking silver items. These ‘hallmarks’ or “poinçons” (roughly “pwahn-son”) in French confirm a number of things about the item. What follows is ...