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What Makes Successful Mergers And Acquisitions?
By Sajith Channadathu · 4 months ago
Over the years, we have all seen so many mergers and acquisitions fail to yield the expected result in terms of profit longevity and overall success. Also, we have seen so many others end up ...
Understanding The Importance Of EBITDA When Selling A Business
By Sajith Channadathu · 4 months ago
Ever heard of EBITDA? You’re not alone. I've found that most entrepreneurs and small business owners haven’t. But that word you’ve never heard of represents a vital concept when it comes to selling your business. ...
When Do You Need To Start Treating Your Side Gig Like A Real Business?
By Sajith Channadathu · 4 months ago
Even before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people used their free time to engage in their passions. Whether knitting scarves and selling them on Etsy or doing home repair work for neighbors, side gigs are ...