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The Equality of the Fallen
By Justin Patton · 2 years ago
My friend Jason recently shared a great excerpt from Kierkegaard’s “Practice in Christianity,” in which S.K. identifies an important truth. Though the means through which we are drawn to God are many, Kierkegaard says they ...
Reframing Faith through Fantasy
By Justin Patton · 2 years ago
Have you ever tried to move something with your mind? Maybe there was a pencil on the table, and you thought really hard about making it roll. Do you remember what it felt like to ...
Mythopoeic Grace
By Justin Patton · 2 years ago
In September of 1931 J.R.R. Tolkien, Hugo Dyson, and C.S. Lewis took part in a late-night conversation at Oxford University. This was not only a pivotal moment in Lewis's life (helping to convince him of ...