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10 Must-Do Steps for Successful Business Planning of Startups
By Dr Thommie Burger · 6 months ago
Planning is boring and cumbersome, but it is also important. You won’t get very far without effortful planning to execute your business idea. Business Planning is creating a document outlining your company’s objectives and strategies ...
SWOT Analysis and 50 Urgent Questions to Ask (Free Checklist)
By Dr Thommie Burger · 6 months ago
Every business owner should conduct a regular SWOT analysis to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in relation to its competition. A SWOT analysis helps evaluate where a company stands in a competitive ...
5 Critical Elements in the Valuation of Your Business
By Dr Thommie Burger · 7 months ago
When considering the sale or purchase of a business, potential buyers and sellers may wonder what the business is worth, i.e., what is the Valuation of this business. In such transactions, it is common for ...