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Eating one wild fish same as month of drinking tainted water" in the US
By Gary Peterson · 3 months ago
“Eating one freshwater fish caught in a river or lake in the United States is the equivalent of drinking a month's worth of water contaminated with toxic "forever chemicals"...” according to an article from ...
Gas Stoves Cause Asthma in the U.S.
By Gary Peterson · 4 months ago
In an article on the peer revised scientific website, MDPI, the authors discussed how over 12 percent of childhood asthma in the United States is caused by gas cooking stoves. In the older models, a ...
Where are the Insects?
By Gary Peterson · 4 months ago
Where are the Insects? by Gary Peterson In late July I, I took a trip up to the old home farmland. It was a 200 mile round trip through lots of farmland. During the entire ...