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Nasal Breathing - Why breathe through your nose?
By Hyo Joo Esther Yoo · 1 year ago
Breathing is an essential part of living and yet we don’t think twice about it. It is unconsciously controlled by our brain which automatically determines the rate and depth of breathing depending on our current ...
Stages of Acne and How to Treat Them From The Inside Out
By Hyo Joo Esther Yoo · 1 year ago
The Struggle Against Acne? Are you tired of using chemicals or concealers to manage your acne? At Complete Balance, we are passionate about a holistic approach to acne and through TCM treatments and life style ...
Why do we Crave Certain Flavours?
By Hyo Joo Esther Yoo · 1 year ago
A healthier you is a happier you and a healthy body always begins with a healthy diet. With the media bringing awareness of health concerns that arise from poor diet, we try our best to ...