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Let Purpose Get You Off the Hamster Wheel
By Dr. Noelle Nelson · 11 months ago
Some days it feels like life is one endless hamster wheel, where you go round and round and round in the same way day after day. You know the drill: chores-work-kids-chores-bed, rinse and repeat. Oh, ...
Self-Care: Lattes and Ice Cream. Really?
By Dr. Noelle Nelson · 1 year ago
We are a quick-fix species, we humans. We want ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ is – NOW! The money, the lover, the job, the car, the child to behave, the partner to behave (oops!), the boss ...
My “Worry” Epiphany
By Dr. Noelle Nelson · 1 year ago
You would think that a garden-variety cold would hardly lead to an epiphany. That’s what happened. I ended up flat on my back, sneezing, coughing, not-sleeping, miserable, with a severe head cold and laryngitis. Lovely. ...