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Raising Children with Emotional Needs
By Melanie Lane · 3 months ago
“I failed.” These two words were uttered by a loving, consistent, and amazing parent who felt everything he had done was not enough. He dumped every ounce of energy and strength into the most important ...
Love and Limits: How to set limits while preserving loving relationships with students
By Melanie Lane · 3 months ago
Teaching is the kitchen of minds. It is where the finest ingredients are mixed together to hopefully raise knowledge and grow character. Sixteen years as an educator, specializing in working with students with behavioral needs ...
Tethers of Toughness
By Melanie Lane · 3 months ago
This week I sat with a young man who was broken and in pain. Sitting with him in his hurt, I watched and listened. Over and over again, he spoke of the need to show ...