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What is a ‘trapped nerve’?
By Kasa Chiropractic · 2 weeks ago
Most people who come to see us at Kasa Chiropractic in Bristol have a form of ‘trapped nerve’ causing their pain. A lot of Chiropractors will also call this ‘trapped nerve’ a ‘subluxation’. The question ...
Exploring the Impact of Forward Head Posture (FHP)
By Kasa Chiropractic · 2 weeks ago
Forward Head Posture (FHP) is a postural condition where the head is positioned forward relative to the vertical line of the body’s center of gravity. This alignment causes the head to protrude ahead of the ...
A Clicking Neck: Self-Manipulation vs. Chiropractic Care – What’s the Difference?
By Kasa Chiropractic · 2 weeks ago
Lots of people click their own necks; sometimes for relief, sometimes for dramatic effect, sometime just because they can, often without trying to. But what is the difference between clicking it yourself and a Chiropractor ...