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Golf: Too Analytical?
By David Breslow · 1 year ago
The Analytical Golfer Most golfers I meet are very analytical. Not all of them of course but most seem to take a very analytical approach to the swing and their overall game. Phillip, a 15 ...
How to Be an Imperfect Golfer
By David Breslow · 1 year ago
HOW TO BE AN IMPERFECT GOLFER Perfection may be a goal for a lot of golfers but the acceptance of imperfection puts you in position to play your best. Everywhere I go someone says they ...
Mental Game 4 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic
By David Breslow · 1 year ago
Mental Game Golf 4 WAYS TO SILENCE YOUR INNER CRITIC You’ve heard it before. It’s that annoying voice that seems to pop up just in time to throw you off your golf game. Maybe it ...