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Happy Cat Happy You, Tips for Bonding with your Feline Friend
By Samantha Brown · 4 years ago
Happy purrs signify bliss in your feline. Celebrate your partnership by enhancing their life and yours. Kitties are crazy for Catnip. They crave this plant from the mint family. The buds contain an oil called ...
Getting "Catitude" with Feline Facts
By Samantha Brown · 4 years ago
Live with "Catitude" and you and your cat will live together more peacefully. Part of "Catitude" is understanding that you can solve some of the things that bother cat people and their cats. For example: ...
Communicating With Your Cat Fun Feline Facts
By Samantha Brown · 5 years ago
If you are a cat person understanding your cat is important to you. People bond to their pets and, although they can't talk, we can communicate with them. If your cat licks you, it is ...