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  • Published June 4, 2010
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In order to select the right bike you need to know what kind of holiday you are going on and how tough the terrain you will be cycling on will be, because this would affect what kind of suspension you will need on your bike either full suspension or hardtail.

If you are cycling on incredibly tough uneven ground through woods, up mountains etc you would need a full suspension mountain bike. They have suspension at both the front and the back which makes the bike more grounded and will give you a better ride. In essence because there is cushioning the wheels move up and down over the rocks and so does the frame of the bike.

If you are going on a hardcore mountain biking vacation this will be very important because if you consider how saddle sore you get after a days riding on a rigid frame bike you will see why you don’t want to be bouncing off rocks left, right and centre.

If the holiday you go on is fairly even and mostly across country then a hardtail mountain bike would be ideal. The name hardtail comes from the fact that it only has front suspension, this means that there is nothing protecting you from the lumps in the ground at the back of the bike.

That is why this kind of bike is only really advised if you are not going to be encountering too much trouble road wise, but there are advantages to this style of bike predominantly that they are lightweightnot heavy and are easier to carry and to cycle. Having only front suspension means that there are less parts to worry about breaking and having to maintain which if you are unsure of how you would be at bike fixing can be a comfort.

A Brand to Trust

Giant mountain bikes are a well established great quality company that have been making mountain bikes for a long time and produce first-rate mountain bikes for men, women and children. They produce both full suspension and hardtail bikes so you are sure to find a great bike for your holiday.

For women there is the Giant hardtail Talon bike which comes in an pretty pale blue with front suspension, it is the ideal bike to have if you are going on a cycling holiday in the UK.

Giant make a men’s version of the hardtail bike, which comes in a classic black colour and can be bought to match the country that you will be cycling in, which is ideal for your first vacation wherever you find yourself.

With this in mind all you have to do is book the vacation and find the right bike for you and your holiday.

Giant Mountain Bikes are a great choice for a cycling holiday. Full suspension Mountain Bikes give great comfort over rough ground.

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