The SEO Reseller Program That Saved Your Business

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  • Author Albert Zan
  • Published April 26, 2010
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Seriously folks, if you are thinking of jumping into the search engine optimization space you need to reconsider. Yes. You do. 95% of people who head out to start an SEO business have no idea just how competitive the space has become. They have an idealized vision in their head of selling SEO and really need to hear some cold hard facts. And I'm going to tell them to you. As the title suggests, this is going to be the SEO reseller program that saved your business.

Reflect on just how big the Internet is. There are currently over 60 million active domain names. And the list grows each day. On top of that, any keyword that carries any economic value at all has been severely exploited by people from every reach of the planet (assuming they have an Internet connection). Put these facts together and you have a significantly competitive market. And you are armed with a copy of "SEO for dummies" and a tiny bit of knowledge of meta tags and you think you can take this on?

Don't do it. You need to see if you can sell SEO before you sink any money into this. This is where the SEO reseller comes in. If you are not familiar with the SEO reseller space you need to hear about this. If you have been in the software space, you are aware of how reseller work. The idea of a Value Added Reseller (VAR) is not new. But it has recently come into the search engine optimization space.

So how will an SEO reseller plan save your business? It is simple. If you set out to build your own search engine optimization product you will spend far too much time on product development in the early months. Those months are critical for sales and marketing. Put plainly, there is so much competition in the SEO space that if you are not 100% focused on getting leads and closing business, you will fail.

Joining someone else's SEO reseller program allows you to devote your full attention where it is needed. In this sense, it will save your business. And the beauty is that you can always pull the SEO delivery work back in-house. Once you have customers and things are moving, you can elect to bring the outsourced work back into your company. At that point, you should have enough free cash-flow to finance an appropriate product development cycle.

Albert has been in business for 15 years and now writes about the SEO reseller space. He works with people starting businesses or trying to expand them into the SEO space.

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