Xbox Kinect is the New Name for Project Natal

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  • Author Jeff Rushing
  • Published June 14, 2010
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Xbox Kinect is that the new name for the project natal motion sensor device that will compliment the Xbox 360? The are many blogs out on the web right now that are spreading the rumor that the new natal Xbox device is indeed going to be call the Xbox Kinect. The rumor started with one of the gamer sites. This site basically says that they had an inside source at Microsoft Corp. and that a person has told them that the Project Natal device will be named the Xbox Kinect the day before the E3 show this year.

If Microsoft does indeed change the name to Xbox Kinect I think that they will loose a little in branding traction that has been build up for about a year or so now with the old Natal Xbox name. To me starting from a fresh seems to be taking a step or two backwards. I know that ultimately in the long run the new Xbox Kinect name will be fine and thrive but just seems kind of going backwards when you already have a good start with the Xbox Natal name.

As far as price is concerned it looks like the Xbox Kinect or Xbox Natal is going to come in well above $80 bucks. Originally it was suggested that the device would be priced around $80 bucks so that everyone can afford to buy one as a bolt on to their Xbox 360 systems. If indeed it does come in well above $80 say around $160 then one would think that adoption rate is going to be a lot lower due to the higher price point. I know personally that I will still buy the new Xbox Kinect device but there are people and kids that just can’t afford the extra $80 bucks or so.

All in all I still am looking forward to using this magnificent device that Microsoft has developed and I really don’t care if the motion sensing device is call the Xbox Natal or the Xbox Kinect. It will have a place next to my Xbox 360 system no matter what it is called.

You can click on the following link to get more information on this new Xbox Kinect sensor or simply click on this link to view a video demonstration of the Xbox Kinect Video in action. If your just looking for the new Xbox Wave Games then click on this link.

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