Commercial Chest Freezers – Why your Business Needs One

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  • Author Robert Deans
  • Published August 26, 2010
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Commercial chest freezers have been offered for the commercial market and the domestic market for many years - but many businesses still cannot see the benefits a commercial chest freezer will have on their venture. Every restaurant, bar, cafe and hotel should consider purchasing one for both practical and financial reasons.

Are you wondering how a commercial chest freezer will benefit your business? Let us consider a few of the benefits:

•A commercial chest freezer will save your business money – It will be possible to purchase produce in bulk (and buying in bulk saves your business money!). If you need to buy products when they're at their best price, the bigger capacity allows these to be stored until required.

•They are more energy efficient than the upright freezers – Virtually all commercial chest freezers are made with energy efficiency in mind. The cold air is trapped in the freezer itself (even if it has very frequent use) this will leave your business with lower power bills.

•Storage capacity - as they are really spacious not only is the quantity you can store an advantage they also give flexibility in storing foodstuffs of various types, shapes and sizes. When you do regular stock rotation you will discover that due to the newer stock at the bottom it really is less likely to be used first in error – which will bring down the cost of your stock and make stock taking simpler.

•The purpose of a chest freezer is always to preserve the life span of food, you will be able to keep your stock fresh, whilst the item is not on the menu.

•A commercial chest freezer may be kept anywhere – Should you have only a small kitchen inside your restaurant, bar or cafe you can put the commercial chest freezer in the garage or shed or out building of the business premises.

•Cost – Because of the fact that they're not made to be on show you will find that usually commercial chest freezers are cheaper compared to upright counterparts. Taking this into consideration along with the other advantages mentioned previously, why wouldn't you think about a commercial chest freezer?.

In case of a power cut they are going to retain their temperature - this can make sure that your stock does not go to waste.

Considering the above, a commercial chest freezer is a 'must' for just about any serious business within the food industry.

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