Safe Harbor And Upscale Living In Grand Cayman

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  • Author Chris Harmen
  • Published September 2, 2010
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For anyone who has travelled the world and the seven seas, Dragon Bay is both oasis and safe harbor. Breathtaking views from every angle, a relaxed local pace with an exciting nightlife, gourmet dining, casual boutiques, and upscale shopping. Sophisticated to rustic, elegant to extreme, upscale living in Dragon Bay is the latest jewel in luxury real estate, made even better with a culture centered around your convenience, your pleasure, and your style.

Life is geared toward the elegant yachts that moor at favorite restaurants, adjacent to the many upscale homes in Dragon Bay, and many isolated locations that offer breathtaking beauty, limitless privacy, and all the conveniences of American living with the luxury of upscale living in Grand Cayman. Whether sailing close to the island or sailing thousands of miles around the Caribbean, establishing a home base in Dragon Bay is a great way to be in the middle of everything and still retain your privacy.

Upscale Living In Grand Cayman

Dragon Bay offers vibrant, popular areas to show off your latest toys, enjoy an elegant repast and dance the night away, or sail just a little bit further around the coastline and discover private areas where you and your guests can enjoy sunbathing, snorkeling and diving, sport fishing, or simply cocktails and a stunning sunset. Wherever you sail near Dragon Bay, moorings are convenient, the water is divine, and the view is breathtaking.

Big Fun On Little Cayman And Cayman Brac

Only 140 km from the big island, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac are recognized around the world as providing some of the finest wall diving available. You can explore a sunken 100 m Russian Koni class frigate that settled about 200 meters from shore at a depth of 75 meters. Sport and game fishing are also very popular attractions, as are caving, spelunking, hiking, and heart-pounding rock climbing. The crowds stay smaller here and the pace is slower, but the boating opportunities couldn't be better.

Going Further Afield

Residing in one of the upscale homes in Dragon Bay allows you to moor your boat while at home and then sail the thousands of miles around the Caribbean at your leisure. Some residents like to go as far as the Eastern Caribbean to moor at North Sound in Virgin Gorda or visit Necker Island. From there, you can head for The Baths, where it looks as though boulders were tossed into the sea by a giant, creating hidden trails, tide pools, and secret beaches just for you.

Another popular event in the Caribbean for sailing enthusiasts is the America's Cup Regatta at St. Maarten. During the event, the yachts that compete in the America's Cup Race can be found strutting their stuff and stretching their wings as boat lovers from around the world gather to swap stories, break bread, and imbibe in their favorite potables. The national park that makes up most of St. John makes it another excellent sailing destination. The flora and fauna can be viewed from safari truck, followed by an elegant luncheon at one of the many resorts. For the more adventurous, snorkeling, sailing, hiking, and biking are always available.

Find A Home Base

While the upscale homes in Grand Cayman provide all the elegance and luxury one would expect, there are also niches of isolated natural beauty with turquoise beaches, tropical flowers, fascinating history and exotic wildlife, all within easy reach of shore. Dragon Bay residents enjoy the best of both worlds: stunning natural beauty and elegant man-made luxury. The upscale homes in Grand Cayman that are found in Dragon Bay offer every lavish detail imaginable for the discerning investor and dedicated yachtsman.

Chris Harmen is a writer who specializes in Caribbean real estate opportunities including upscale living in Grand Cayman where investors can take advantage of the island's natural beauty, the government's tax policy, and unsurpassed privacy by purchasing upscale homes in Grand Cayman.

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