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  • Author Eugene Kryukov
  • Published September 15, 2010
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Adding 3d effects to your images is a great way to give them that special and unique design flair, customizing them in a professional way. Whether you want to create the best images to share with friends and family or you need professional and eye-catching designs for something like a brochure or a website, having a solution that allows you to add 3d effects to your images can be an essential. Adding 3d effects is not something that can be done without third-party software, however. Various effects can be added with the expensive, high end software, but such programs are often limited in what they can do regarding 3d effects anyway. Such programs often only give a few pre-set options and templates which are not fully customizable anyway. Such programs can also be hard to learn due to their extensive sets of features, many of which you would probably never use anyway.

Helping designers and publishers or anyone else who needs to work with 3d effects and digital images, 3D Image Commander offers the ultimate solution. This unique piece of software focuses only on 3d effects to customize your images. It is simple, rewarding and enjoyable to use and it provides you with all of the features you need and no extra bulk that you don't. The price is also very reasonable and if you need 3d effects, you simply can't do better than 3D Image Commander. Unlike many of the high end photo editing suites, 3D Image Commander allows you to add 3d effects to your images in real time and with full customization. All of the 3d effects are original and you can edit and adjust them as much as you like in real time, whereas other solutions often only provide a few templates or pre-set effects.

3D Image Commander is enjoyable to use and while it provides professional results for designers who need the very best, it does not have a steep learning curve. No special knowledge is required and anyone can get started with the software right away. The interface is simple and user-friendly, complete with various customization options of its own. The software deploys unique and clearly understandable features. You can use the software to create advanced thumbnails as well, complete with a variety of fully customized 3d styles. The process of adding 3d effects to your images just takes a matter of a few clicks. There is also a feature that allows you to add text to your images to copyright your work for example. 3d effects available include perspective, curving, reflection and more. Shadows and auras are also available.

A batch image processor is also included, an absolute must for those who need to work with large numbers of images. All you need to do is choose your desired 3d effects and then let the program do the hard work for you, processing hundreds of images in just a matter of minutes. Supported formats include JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PSD.

The software is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X and costing only $29.95, it is a bargain as well. A trial version is also available.

Eugene Kryukov is a graphic designer who frequently works with 3d effects to customize the appearance of his websites and other projects.

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