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  • Published November 12, 2010
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The amazing natural beauty of Canada has always been of great appeal to international tourists. However, there are a number of other aspects of Canada that contribute to it being one of the world’s most popular destinations.

Around 20 million people make a visit to Canada every year. It’s often referred as one of the world’s most liveable countries. The cities of Canada are very cosmopolitan-like and they’re clean and safe. The people are similar to New Zealanders in that they are very friendly, multi-culturally sensitive and very welcoming. Quite surprisingly, the majority of Canada’s tourists are American.

Due to such big numbers arriving in Canada every year, there’s significant pressure on the hospitality industry, particularly accommodation. Bed and breakfast accommodation in Canada is one area that has maintained great popularity for several years and this is constantly growing.

There are many countries in the world that are overcrowded and it’s these countries that don’t offer bed and breakfast accommodation as an option. Unlike motels and hotels, B and Bs are less pricey and offer a more personal touch. Many people visit Canada and become so accustomed to the way of living that they buy a B & B because they like to travel and meet new people and working in this industry offers a very similar kind of satisfaction. They get to meet new people and give them information about the local area and country that they’ve grown fond of.

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Canada is particularly popular in rural areas, rather than in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. Rural areas offer greater relaxation and freedom for the owners and for the travellers themselves.

Because of Canada’s diverse landscapes, you’re quite likely to have a beautiful view wherever you stop. Canada is rich in ice-covered mountains and glaciers, wonderfully green forests, idyllic lakes and rolling countryside. You only need to type in "Canada" on the internet and then click on images and you’ll get a quick feel for just how picturesque Canada really is.

Bed and breakfast accommodation in Canada is possibly the next best thing to staying with friends and family. In fact, it’s very similar. They are not only exceptionally friendly, but they’ll even cook your meals, make your bed and do the cleaning. They are often big old homes that have been renovated to cater for regular overnight visitors. and they are particularly popular for people travelling alone as they give them someone to talk to and share their experiences with.

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