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  • Published January 5, 2011
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When people plan their overseas vacations they tend to map out all of the particular places that appeal to them the most and those that are likely to fit in with the time and budget allowed.

Travelling within Europe is hugely popular being that it might only take you a 30 minute flight from one country to another. So many of these countries are in close proximity of each other which means that people are more inclined to travel more often, with little planning required and minimal savings accumulated. Yes, whipping from Spain to Greece for the 3 day weekend is certainly feasible. Possibly the biggest attraction that comes from travelling within Europe is the fact that the supply and demand are both high, meaning flights are often very cheap to come by.

Travelling from somewhere like Europe to Oceania for example, is a different kettle of fish. Deciding that you are heading to Australia for a week is just not an option for some, if you’ve just flown 20 hours to get there. However, Australia is one place in the world where little can be spent for great reward. In saying that though, Australia is exceptionally large and in order to see much of it, you’ll need to allow several weeks, if not months there. Seeking out b&b accommodation in Australia is probably the best way to do it as well.

Aside from Greenland, Australia is the most under-populated country per square kilometre in the world. Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth offer the most to see and do. It’s these big cities that tend to grab the spotlight as far as tourism destinations in Australia are concerned.

Australia is world famous for its beautifully warm temperatures and amazing beaches. Most people that head over here are planning to stay a while, so b&b accommodation in Australia is perhaps the most logical and cost effective means to rest your body and head whilst you do your big exploration. Not only are most of them priced to suit most tourists’ budgets, but they’re also located throughout the country and rich in numbers.

Staying at a bed and breakfast offers the freedom and privacy of a hotel or motel, but it also provides you with the warmth, hospitality and friendliness commonly associated with the home of family or friends.

If the cities in Australia are your thing, then staying at a b and b is the ultimate choice if you are struggling to find a hotel or motel that has vacancies. If you haven’t already experienced b&b accommodation in Australia, then you should. They are the best solution to your accommodation needs whilst you explore this beautiful country.

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