Learn something about the history of scrap gold jewelry

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  • Published January 24, 2011
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Learn something about the history of scrap gold jewelry

Long history, gave birth to a rare scrap gold jewelry Jin valued temperament, even if the passage of time, still elegant as ever. Some people say, scrap gold jewelry metal is a good friend of a woman, she knows a woman's nature, knowing the feelings of a woman, her pure and noble temperament will those who wear her, she quietly alone in bloom everywhere visible light flashing mobile millennium change.

Scrap gold jewelry is water, pure and eternal; change the water in the form of hundreds of thousands, to bring the designer unlimited imagination, this year's trend is like scrap gold jewelry performances of smart water, but also to the extreme, and water Smart and conversion of the new destination of the season to become a classic, timeless. Scrap gold jewelry Series 2004, the theme of water, language, integration of the joint Italian and Chinese design, the most beautiful shape metamorphosis in Japan this spring, many of the top designers. Wavy pattern of the necklace, for example, threw blue flashing lights; draw a beautiful arc, culminating in the unspeakable beauty of the perfect combination of balance of the necklace. This section pendant necklace abandoned the concept of a single ring, double ring pendant introduced; this pendant can be tamed displayed in the neck, opening up the curvature pendant, so elegant and slender neck of the wearer's curves naturally. Scrap gold jewelry Guild International spokeswoman Miss Zhang Manyu especially likes this necklace, that she not only always wears, but also in its collection, it shows the love the necklace, feeling of being special assistant. With the series of rings and earrings are also impressive, it leaks like fingers and a Wang spring with beautiful, colorful flow of people do not want to stare too hard pregnant ear.

The theme of this year there is another scrap gold jewelry design a design breakthrough, such as scrap gold jewelry rings, pendants and small diamond pieces and the number of flashing one or more rows of diamonds inlaid scrap gold jewelry metallic reflection, and pure scrap gold jewelry reserves for more dazzling diamonds light, scrap gold jewelry diamond each other, so that the status of women is undoubtedly a lovely temperament.

Scrap gold jewelry is the best representative of the elegant, high-purity almost impurities, the proportion of heavy, white, natural appearance than the white metal (such as K - white metal scrap gold jewelry jewelry, etc.) different scrap gold jewelry color cast will not be as time goes by , times change, even if still timeless like a pure gloss; the same time, other than the weight of white metal scrap gold jewelry was feeling the weight in the hand can be fully understood, its irreplaceable worth and dignity, which is its spread for thousands of years, is widely loved and respected cause.

The long history and gave birth to a rare scrap gold jewelry Jin valued temperament, even if the passage of time, still elegant as ever. Some people say that scrap gold jewelry is a good mastery of a woman; she knew the nature of a woman

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