Tips for Plainfield Real Estate Buyers on Cutting Homeowners Insurance Costs

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  • Author Penny C Taylor
  • Published January 29, 2011
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Before you purchase a property in Plainfield real estate, it is wise to understand all the things related to the home buying process, including homeowners insurance and the methods that can lower the costs which can save you money. Mortgage lenders normally require buyers to purchase homeowners insurance or HOI to ensure that their investment is protected. HOI, also referred to as home insurance or hazard insurance, covers loss and damage caused by vandalism, fire, theft, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and so on and so forth), etc.

Depending on different factors, such as the insurance company itself, the price to restore the house, and any extra items to be covered , the costs for homeowners insurance may vary. Because of this, it is wise to do everything you can to reduce the costs of the insurance policy.

Remember the saying, "Patience is a virtue?" Well, it can also be applied here. You must be patient and check different insurance companies before choosing one. You may ask some of your relatives and friends if they know any good insurers. It's also advisable to call the Department of Insurance in your state and ask for some assistance. Keep in mind that you should consider both the price and the quality of service when choosing.

Another way to lower the costs of homeowners insurance is to not include the land's value as a factor in deciding how much to purchase, as it will only cost you more. Remember, windstorms, fires, theft, and other hazards that are covered in the policy will not put the land under your home at risk.

You may also look for discounts offered by insurance companies. You just need to look into every deal and make some comparisons to get the best one there is. Some offer discounts from five up to 15 percent if you buy two or more policies. If you can find insurers that offer such discounts and the premium is lower, then it would be wise to just purchase your home and auto insurance policy from them.

Having a solid credit record may also help. This can reduce your homeowners insurance costs as a lot of companies use these data to rate insurance policies. Some of the ways to protect your credit history is to not get more credit than what is needed and to promptly pay all the bills. You should also check your credit standing regularly and maintain your balances low. Moreover, if there are any errors in your record, have it corrected immediately to avoid any future problems.

It might also help lower the costs of insurance if you stay with the same company for a certain number of years. A number of insurers offer discounts for maintaining your coverage with them; for instance, some will lower the premiums by 5% if you have been a policy-holder for three to five years. Make sure that you compare other policies' prices to be able to get the best deal you can acquire.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be able to lower the costs of your homeowners insurance. However, make sure that you have all the necessary coverage. Remember to ask for the assistance of your real estate agent, especially if you are a first time buyer of Plainfield homes for sale.

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