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  • Author Adam Leaf
  • Published January 30, 2011
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T-shirts can say a lot about our beliefs as well as the causes that we fight for.

Some wonderful species of animals are in threat of being hunted to extinction because people see them not as the beautiful and graceful animals that they are but as an easy way to make money. For example elephants are murdered every day for their tusks which can be made into ivory products which brings quite a lot of money on the black market. It is possible however, that if they sedated the elephant they could gently saw the tusks off thus leaving the animal alive instead of slaughtering it for this meaningless purpose.

Many animals are hunted as their bones are thought to contain medicinal properties that can be ground into tonics and sold for a high price even though there is no evidence to suggest this. Tigers are one of these animals that are sought after not only for its bones but also for its skin. Tiger skin rugs can fetch a hefty price for those who do not care that an innocent animal has lost its life so that the person is able to furnish their house with what they perhaps see as lavish animal skins whereas in fact they are merely the rotting remains that have been preserved for display.

It has been said and many people still do believe that animals do not feel pain. However, taken into consideration that humans ourselves are animals, mammals to be exact and that we feel pain when we cut ourselves for example leaves no doubt that other classes of animals are exactly the same. As we feel anxiety and fear so must these poor animals as they are being chased and shot at by heartless humans brandishing rifles.

A t-shirt supporting the non-hunting and trading of animal skins and such could make a bold statement by perhaps the beautiful animal such as a tiger shown in all its majestic beauty and perhaps a design on the back showing its lifeless skin and head as a rug, soulless and empty.

If the ivory trade is something that upsets you more than the above then how about a t-shirt that expresses the de-tusked carcass of an elephant and the lonely infant pushing at its mother to get up and not understanding why she does not move.

Many people do not think of these situations and think only of their own benefit such as those who hunt them or those that use the products of these animals after they have been slaughtered. If we look through the eyes of a tiger cub as it is left alone while its mother’s lifeless body is dragged into a jeep or an infant elephant left with only its mother’s carcass for company then surely people would see how wrong and even evil this is. Unfortunately though as long as people buy the skins and bones of these endangered animals then they will continue to be slaughtered so therefore must wait for people to see sense and cease buying these products hopefully before it is too late to save them all.

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