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  • Author Adam Leaf
  • Published January 31, 2011
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When it comes to pop stars we all have our individual tastes in songs as well as the people who sing them.

Celebrities that are famous here and have a well renowned singing career such as Fergie, Kylie and Madonna for example might be little known in Japan whereas pop diva Koda Kumi is famous among the teens of Japan.

When having a pop star’s icon printed on a t-shirt people usually like to have recognised celebrities adorning their clothing. However, some would rather wear a t-shirt that says a lot about themselves even if people do not know who the celebrity is as they are expressing that they like Japanese pop music – Kumi’s style of R&B at least if this is the icon they display on their t-shirt.

Born 13 November 1982 Koda Kumi (real name Kumiko Kouda) already had music coursing through her veins as both her grandfather and mother had musical backgrounds. Her grandfather was a master of the shakuhachi (a Japanese flute) and her mother taught the koto (a stringed instrument).

Since a young age Kumi always knew that she wanted to be a singer and strived to achieve this by appearing on a Japanese show ‘Dream Audition she came second out of 120,000 others and was then signed up by Rhythm Zone.

Her first single ‘Take Back’ was released on 6 December 2000 and did not shoot her to stardom as she had first hoped. After a rocky start to her career and releasing further singles she was eventually approached by Square Enix to do the Japanese cover version of a song for Final Fantasy X-2.

Also taking the voice role of Lenne in the Japanese version of the game this almost instantaneously shot her to stardom as Final Fantasy is one of the biggest selling and most anticipated game series in Japan. Kumi also motioned the dance moves to the musical introduction of the game.

Never faltered or disheartened from pursuing her dream Kumi is the perfect example of striving to achieve your heart’s desire and is now one of the most iconic pop icons in Japan and more often than not referred to as a diva.

So remember when having a celebrity adorned on a t-shirt that is for yourself do not be faltered by what others are wearing. Let your individuality shine through and wear something that says you are different. I imagine there are perhaps quite a few people who wear celebrity t-shirts such as Elvis, Madonna and even Betty Boop is very famous for a cartoon but look out for other celebrities on t-shirts. I am pretty sure that if you were a fan of Kumi and strutted your stuff wearing a t-shirt with her face on then you would perhaps be the only one in the city or perhaps even the region or country who would be promoting her.

It is a shame that we more or less stick to our own cultural affiliated styles as there is a whole new world of music, celebrities and trends wherever we look to in the world.

The writer of this article loves wearing cool t shirts and he loves writing anything to do with a retro t shirt.

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