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  • Author Adam Leaf
  • Published February 3, 2011
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Most people look upon individuality as a necessity whereas others are quite content to brandish a uniform. However, in workplaces today the monotony of a uniform day after day can become quite depressing as individuals are unable to express their personality and nature through the way they dress.

To reward employees for all their hard work why not create an event to be held every Friday that gives employees the opportunity to wear some of their normal clothing. For example, a nice t-shirt could be accepted by employers for wear on a Friday only. So long as employees do not wear anything that could be considered offensive such as logos that could be mistaken for something else such as FCUK or brandish huge cartoon logos that look quite out of place in the work area.

If you wish to allow your employees to express themselves just ask them to follow the few simple rules as above or if they wish to continue wearing their regular uniform then support them in this decision also. Everyone is different and so whereas some would jump at the opportunity to wear more casual clothes to work others would feel more dressed for the occasion and at ease in their regular uniform.

Should employees not wish to wear something as casual as a t-shirt then it could be that on a Friday any form of dress could be accepted so long as it is smart. For example a woman could wear a blouse of her choosing or a man a shirt and tie of his own combination instead of the regular issued colours and style.

Ensure you have set out applicable rules to employees beforehand as it could be embarrassing if a woman turns up with a revealing top only for all the customers to end up leering at her and the embarrassment of having to send her home to get changed. It doesn’t mean that women cannot wear low-cut tops as long as they are decent and do not show too much cleavage. The same would apply to men also. No boss would want his employees coming to work in shirts that are so white they are practically see-through. It could cause embarrassment if it is realised that it is possible to see the man nipple area through the shirt.

If a uniform is a necessity for your organisation and is only just coming into effect then a good way to boost employee morale would be to let them have a say in the decision. We have all seen people wearing hideous uniforms and perhaps even had a crafty snigger at them but allowing your staff to see that you value their opinion on what the uniform should be could make a dramatic impact on productivity. Let staff choose from so many uniforms that you have picked out yourself that you deem adequate and choose on the basis of how many people like the same one. When given a choice about the clothing they adorn staff will not complain (or not complain as much) about having to wear a uniform.

The writer of this article loves wearing funny slogan t shirts and he loves writing anything to do with a cool t shirt.

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