Carmel Valley Real Estate Buyers' Guide to Sight Unseen Purchases

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  • Author Samantha Owens
  • Published January 31, 2011
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Obviously, it is important for buyers of Carmel Valley real estate to personally see the property one wishes to purchase - firsthand inspection is necessary to make sure that you'll get what you're paying for. It is normal for a buyer to spend time checking a particular product he/she intends to buy as no one wants to have regrets at the end of the day; this also applies to home buying. One must examine his/her prospective house in person so as to avoid issues that may possibly occur after the deal has been closed. It is advisable for buyers to thoroughly examine every little detail before making a final decision. Having a critical eye is very important in this field.

According to some experts in the area of real estate investment, deals that involve sight unseen purchases of residential homes and real estate properties occur a lot more often than before. Let us say for example, a buyer who resides in Colorado finally makes up his mind to purchase his new home in California; however, because of some factors that do not make it possible for the buyer to see the house in Michigan firsthand, he might have no other choice but to buy it sight unseen. In other words, some people are still willing to acquire homes despite not having the chance to get the real feel of personally checking out their prospective dwelling place.

Risks that come together with these kinds of purchases occur quite naturally. These risks become a lot more apparent in comparison to the usual purchases of properties or houses that involve the presence of a buyers’ own personal on-site observation and keen inspection. Without personally stepping into the location of your soon-to-be house, you have to face several risk factors.

The so called sight unseen purchaser would be depending entirely on the honesty of the broker. The trust given by the buyer is usually built through the marketing strategies used by the broker to guarantee a fair deal. In this case, the broker must find it necessary to provide, perhaps a simple but effective PowerPoint presentation, high quality images or digital pictures, 3D models, architectural plans, or if it is possible, an interactive virtual tour. The broker’s track record can also establish his or her credibility in doing these kinds of real estate transactions.

There should be an agreement that makes sure that the buyer still gets the chance to personally make a final visit to the property before finally closing the deal. Consider the possibility that the images provided by the broker could be hiding the imperfections or the even the minutest of flaws that might show up later on. Other cheap or substandard household items and materials are more often than not, exposed right after you have spent time living in the said property. The anticipation of the worst-case scenarios in these types of deals obliges the buyer to take necessary precautions to protect him from being in an unfavorable situation after the purchase.

Moreover, in making arrangements with the broker, make sure that you would not miss any details about the things that you are expecting from the house you picked among the available Carmel Valley homes for sale. You should also question the provision of all the necessary services that you might need in the future. Other factors like the accessibility to public transportation, schools, parks, shopping malls and even the safety, utility costs, and everything that could directly affect your quality of living.

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