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  • Author Estrella Labadan
  • Published January 24, 2011
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A variety of sales and marketing techniques need to be applied when creating the physical menu covers for your restaurant, catering service or local club. The presentation of the menu covers not only brands your restaurant but also allows you to target the customers you want to serve right from the start. Menu covers are one of the first items that a customer sees and is crucial to establishing quality, price, and the theme of your restaurant.

Just remember the last time you visited a high-end restaurant and you were handed expensive looking menus encased in fancy leather menu covers. Now think about the last time you visited a local cafe where you were presented with multi-paged vinyl menu covers. At this point it is pretty clear what you can expect to pay and the quality of the food for the two different meals. However, this example does not prove whether the food, service, or experience at one establishment is superior to another, but it does show the perceived value a customer receives after entering a restaurant for the first time.

Whether you are opening a brand new restaurant or just looking for a face-lift with your current restaurant there are multiple factors that need to be considered when designing your menu covers. Here are the key elements that need to be considered to match up your restaurants theme, pricing, atmosphere, and quality.

Step1: Choose Your Menu Covers Design- Menu covers needs to be thought of as a sales presentation for your restaurant. This becomes a whole lot easier when you understand your customers and the price points you are trying to target. For example if you are a high end restaurant with a constantly changing menu then you want to go with leather menu covers where the interior pages can be easily changed. However, if you are a cafe style restaurant with a fixed menu then you would want to go with vinyl menu covers that can be re-used and easily cleaned. Just remember, the design of your menu covers needs to tie into the theme of your restaurant, while establishing a level of perceived value in the customers mind. The last thing you want is your customer to be shocked when they open up your menu covers.

Customized Menu Covers- If you cater to high-end clients and want to establish quality right from the start then design your own menu covers based on your needs. Whether you are looking for classy leather styled or a completely unique menu covers which fit the theme of your restaurant, then send us the specifications and have our team design exactly what you want. Incorporate pockets inside to easily change if your menu changes on a regular basis, or request fully enclosed menu covers which are easy to clean and re-use.

Leather Menu Covers- If cost is in mind and customization is not necessary to meet the needs of your restaurant, then choose from our large selection of leather menu covers which include simple one pocket designs to completely encase your menu. This style is great for a mid to high-end restaurant that needs the flexibility of changing their menus frequently.

Cafe Menu Covers- If your restaurant styles itself after a cafe atmosphere with great priced food then you may be in the market for the most popular styled menu covers. This style is durable, convenient, and very easy to clean. Designs options allow you to choose how many interior pages you want if any. These menu covers are durable, and easy to change, but also very easy to clean.

KNG offers the highest quality menu covers in the industry and has been doing so in the USA since 1965.

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