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  • Author John Evan Miller
  • Published January 30, 2011
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The foreclosure industry is known for being a buyer’s market. One could go just go inside, take a look, and come out a big, happy smile on his face by simply finding a real and genuine bargain. Even a buyer who is inexperienced in real estate investing could easily find and buy a foreclosed property sold at 70 percent below its actual market value. There are risks of course but when you have prices as good such as this, it is more of a mistake to let go of this kind of deal.

But the recent developments in the real estate are hampering the spirits of those who are still hoping to find a good bargain. The truth is, there is actually more reasons to buy now and take advantage of the favorable situation that are actually present in the industry.

Why Continue To Buy Foreclosures

Of course, the answer could be both big and small. When you buy a foreclosed property even during these times, you are actually helping out in the economy by circulating money and stimulating growth in the market. But aside from this, you also save a lot of money. Why?

During hard times, banks and lenders are keen on cutting interest rates to encourage people to buy. If you translate this to a property that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can actually save thousands in lower interest payments.

Second, there are better mortgage terms that are being offered in the market right now. All you need to do is find one that will fit your financial situation. Even a bank knows that people become particularly more prudent during financial difficulties and hold on to their cash to save for tough times.

Third, properties are now being offered at very low prices to encourage people to buy. With prices so low, buying a foreclosed property during these times means thousands of dollars in savings and instant equity. You just have to find that one perfect property for you.

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