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  • Published January 27, 2011
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The selection of wedding gown is definitely not to pursue fashionable and popular, very popular things do not keep up with traditional elegance.The key is to choose wedding choose a timeless elegance with elements of the wedding gown.Usually, if you are not fit to wear a hat, or wear a flounced sleeves, then do not expect these modifications when you wear a wedding dress would look nice.I don’t think the picture or what kind of wedding style dream wedding as the modification of the details make you crazy if you are sure they are not necessarily because the wedding gown is the right one you choose , not what you feel beautiful.

First, the color of wedding dress

Not necessarily a pure white wedding dress, required the bride with all the body with a white headdress, was started in the era of Queen Victoria; in red for the celebration of traditional Chinese symbol of good fortune; the early twentieth century, silver wedding is the highlight of the distinguished Royal position, showing that their wedding is the appropriate "color", does not specifically wear a white wedding dress.

With the changing fashion trends, wedding in addition to white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, but also increasingly popular in recent years, pink, pink orange, light blue, light purple, light green and light silver-gray dress, very soft and pleasing to the eye; As The most popular, of course, white, ivory or champagne wedding.

In fact, the wedding’s color is not important, it is important to match with the bride’s complexion. Asian skin deep yellow, wearing ivory would be more harmonious nature, and blue, purple, yellow skin, usually for not very coordinated, but orange, green, with yellowish skin color match. As for the skin, rosy, or bronzed skin of the bride, wearing white will look great. Wedding, when chosen, color, color is also very important, making color, color choice, we must fully consider the following factors:

1, the color coordination: clothing with a superior color to clothing rather than rush orders, overshadowed new light.

2, the nature of the beautiful: Warm clothing to wear more coordination, but whether it can really pay attention to render a new presence.

3, the high contrast brightness: color brightness varies, some are suitable for high contrast, low contrast and some people will obviously choose the soft coordination.

Second, the selection of wedding according to body

Choose their own wedding is most important is to be able to show their personality and temperament, highlight their more attractive side.

  1. Tall: any style of wedding can be tried, especially in fishtail hem of the wedding was better show the advantages of body, with cap increase to cover half the face value of the short dress better.

  2. Tall and thin: the design of the dress to strengthen shoulders, tall, thin type of the bride can look better, such as shoulder pads, foam sleeves exaggerated lotus leaf design, and the upper line should be varied; avoid strapless, televised bosom style.

  3. Body is full: for a straight line cut, with lace pattern, wear more slender. Inadmissible high collar style, should select a low collar; and waist, skirt design should avoid cumbersome.

  4. Too full or thin: the best choice for the bride upper body upper body fullness design is simple and can demonstrate the advantages of the wedding chest line; lower body plump person, do not choose to fold as the design focus of the wedding; too slender bride wore the best for senior citizens, long-sleeved dress, such as playing level, Wavy or Diana-style dress is very appropriate.

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